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Bug Industries Game Pack


Bug Industries is a tabletop game to fight software bugs, but in real-life and just for fun :D

Every player gets a game board with 32 fields = 64 bugs and the goal is to reduce the amount of bugs to 0.


At the beginning of each turn, both dice (bug & action) are rolled.

  • Bug: Deduct the amount from your total bugs
  • Action: One of the following options
    • Draw two action cards
    • Draw one action card
    • Draw one bug card
    • Sleep = don't do anything
    • Reroll the bug die


Bugs (32) - You have to play the bug card immediately. It comes in two flavors:

  • +x: Add x bugs to your total amount
  • -x: Remove x bugs from your total amount

Code (32) - Take the code card into your hands and hide it from the other players.

Play code cards at any time, but when you do it you have to reveal the card for everyone to see. Remove the card from your hand after usage.

There are different types of code cards with individual abilities to influence the game:

  • Reroll the bug die
  • Remove x bugs from your total and every other player has to add x bugs
  • Remove x bugs from your total and choose a player who has to add x bugs
  • Steal the result after another player has rolled the dice
  • Swap your bugs total with a player of your choice
  • Change the game direction